Empowering Families, Restoring Health, and Saving Lives


Help us make the family voice heard!

Last year 64,000 of our loved ones were lost to preventable overdose.

The fight to end overdose, access person-centered care and eliminate failed drug policy is personal for us. Sharing our perspectives by holding space together is paramount to our mission. Making these options readily available in our communities and homes will allow us to receive the support and care we deserve.

Please help us empower families to have more meaningful and productive conversations with our children and others when facing the challenges associated with their substance use. Many of our experiences in attempting to advocate for the health and well-being of our loved ones have been thwarted by treatment trauma, harsh punishments, financial devastation, family isolation, personal tragedy and loss.

In the spirit of bringing families and communities together, we need your support to make sure that the voices of families continue to be heard through the lens of a public health crisis. We invite you to stand with FSDP in our battle to empower families, restore health, and save lives. Please join us!

Your gift no matter how big or small will help us to forge ahead and change the way our policies and society interact with our families.

Yours in Support and Solidarity,

Carol Katz Beyer, Founder